Barefood EP

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Barefood is an alternative pop duo from Jakarta, Indonesia. The group started on 2009 initiated by two high school friend, Rachmad Triyadi and Ditto Pradwito. They have released two physical albums, the first one is free-downloaded Demo that they put on Internet circa 2010. Four years later, during Record Store Day 2014, Anoa Records reissued the Demo on a limited edition cassette tape.

The second one is ‘Sullen’, their 5 tracks debut EP released on September 2013 through Anoa Records. The album was ranked number 11 on RollingStone Indonesia’s list of 20 Indonesia Best Albums in 2013.

On early 2014, they had several gigs across the country including their first South East Asia Tour in Malaysia and Singapore. Recently, they began writing new songs to be up in their first debut album.

The Band

Rachmad Triyadi – Lead Vocals, Bass
Ilham Pradwito – Vocals, Guitar
Muhammad Riduan – Drums