Ballads Of The Cliche - Evergreen [2007]
Ballads Of The Cliche - Evergreen [2007]

Ballads of the Cliché are a folk pop collective based in Jakarta. The band was founded back in 2004 when five old fellas reunited by their common interest in music. The band became an eight-pieced band since 2006, when they decided to make their long-served additional musicians as their permanent member and recorded their long awaited debut album, Evergreen.

Recently, Arafino Zaini, the band’s keyboardist and Dimas Ario, the band’s bassist left the band due to personal reason. He wanted to pursue another career outside music business. Now, the band is a six piece band. The band is also working on some new rough materials to be recorded for their second full length.

The Band

Bobby Alvianto – Vocals, Harmonica
Ninatika Trimurti – Piano, Vocals
Frederick Rheinhard – Electric Guitars
Kurniawan Bambang – Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Violin
Zennis Arrochman – Saxophone
Ferry Hardianto – Drums, Percussions