The Trees and The Wild New Album, ‘Zaman, Zaman’ Released on September 16th, 2016

Indonesian band The Trees & The Wild Releasing Long-Awaited New Album After 7 Years

The new album by The Trees & The Wild is finally ready, and the Jakarta-based band are set to launch it on September 16, 2016 via Blank Orb Recordings. The long-awaited release has been in the pipeline since 2009’s Rasuk and promises to showcase The Trees And The Wild unrestrained, following their creative whims into masterpiece territory.

Titled Zaman, Zaman, the album was a labour of love for the band as they took on responsibility for their own production. Staying true to their DIY roots, band leader Remedy Waloni reports that each track went through several treatments over the years before coming together in the final release.

Zaman, Zaman is a masterful record, steeped in unconventional and eerie production. As the tracks takes us from one lush, atmospheric soundscape to another, a narrative emerges of lost time and profound emotions, a sombre anthem to the cinematic grandeur of life. Zaman, Zaman is an immensely powerful, cathartic experience.


Zaman, Zaman
Empati Tamako
Tuah / Sebak

About the band:

Magic happens when The Trees & The Wild make music. Forming a tight knit circle on stage, the members create a wall of sound that pulls the audience in. While still deeply rooted in folk, the band has built on a sound inherently inspired by experimental noise, ambient post-rock elements, moody electronica, and more worldly influences.

The Trees & The Wild are Remedy Waloni, Andra Budi Kurniawan, Charita Utami, Hertri Nur Pamungkas, and Tyo Prasetya. Though the years have brought them to new places and cities, the band formed in Bekasi, Indonesia, in 2005.

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1. Zaman, Zaman

2. Empati Tamako

3. Srangan






TREES AND WILD Photo by Hilla Kurki