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Leonardo and His Impeccable Six
The Experience Brothers
The Trees And The Wild
Marsh Kids
Sajama Cut

About SRM

SRM merupakan unit manajemen beberapa band dari Jakarta dan sekitarnya. Dibentuk oleh Satria Ramadhan, yang mengawalinya dengan menjadi Fotografer Band di Ballads of the Cliche tahun 2005, lalu Manajemen band yang belum punya nama ini dimulai pada tahun 2006, disaat Satria Ramadhan mendapat tawaran menjadi manager Band pertama kali pada saat itu, yaitu thedyingsirens. Beberapa Band juga mulai bergabung saat itu, seperti Earth Colony, Sugar Spin dan Arcade Playmate. Tapi hal ini tidak berlangsung lama dan berhenti di awal tahun 2008.

Di pertengahan Tahun 2008, unit Manajemen Band ini kembali hidup, setelah Satria Ramadhan diberi kesempatan untuk menggantikan Manajer Ballads of the Cliche, Felix Dass. Lalu di awal tahun 2010, dia juga diberi tawaran untuk menggantikan manajer SORE. Ditambah tahun tahun berikutnya, satu persatu mulai bergabung dengan Unit Manajemen ini. Mulai dari L’Alphalpha dan LEONARDO (2010), bangkutaman (2011) dan juga 4 band lainnya, yaitu The Experience Brothers, Innocenti, The Trees & The Wild dan band pop legendaris, rumahsakit (2012). Untuk Inncocenti, The Trees & The Wild dan rumahsakit status-nya booking agent. Nama SRM akhirnya terpilih sebagai nama unit Manajemen ini setelah dipilih oleh teman-teman di Band SRM. Artinya adalah `Simpel Ramah dan Memuaskan.`

The Crew

Satria Ramadhan
Bayu Gustian Seba
Dimas Wisnuwardono
Annisa Amalia
Bunga Yuridespita

Ballads of the Cliché

Ballads of the Cliché are a folk pop collective based in Jakarta. The band was founded back in 2004 when five old fellas reunited by their common interest in music. The band became an eight-pieced band since 2006, when they decided to make their long-served additional musicians as their permanent member and recorded their long awaited debut album, Evergreen.

Recently, Arafino Zaini, the band's keyboardist and Dimas Ario, the band’s bassist left the band due to personal reason. He wanted to pursue another career outside music business. Now, the band is a six piece band. The band is also working on some new rough materials to be recorded for their second full length.

The Band

Bobby Alvianto – Vocals, Harmonica
Ninatika Trimurti – Piano, Vocals
Frederick Rheinhard – Electric Guitars
Kurniawan Bambang – Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Violin
Zennis Arrochman – Saxophone
Ferry Hardianto – Drums, Percussions


SORE was originaly formed by three childhood friends (Ade Paloh, Mondo Gascaro & Awan Garnida). In late 2001 Awan Garnida brought two other friends (Bembi Gusti & Reza Dwiputranto) to form a group which they called SORE (means "late afternoon" in Indonesian). In late 2004 and early 2005 they contributed in a couple of compilation albums, the first was a compilation of music from Jakarta 's indie scene called "JKRT:SKRG" (an abreviation of "Jakarta, Sekarang" which translates "Jakarta, Now") released by Aksara Records. The second one was an original motion picture soundtrack "Janji Joni", also released by Aksara.

Finaly in July 2005 they released their full length debut album "Centralismo" (Aksara Records), which was in part became their tribute to Central Jakarta, where most of the members grew up. Their music varied greatly from track to track as each member contributed lead singing and song-writing in this album. Their use of vintage instruments might create a little reminiscence of the golden era of pop music from the 50's, 60's and 70's only without being retro-ish.

It was quiet a succesful debut album from an indie artist, as seen from its media reviews and articles. It recieved "four stars (****)" from Jakarta Post newspaper. In Sept 2005 "Centralismo" was reviewed in TIME ASIA Magazine as "One of Asia's WorthBuying Album". In late 2007 this album was ranked as no 40 in "150 Greatest Indonesion Album of All Time" in Rolling Stone Indonesia Magazine.

While preparing their materials for their second album, they were involved in four other original soundtrack albums: "Berbagi Suami" (Love For Share); "Kala" (Dead Time); Quickie Express; "Perempuan Punya Cerita" (Chants of Lotus), one of which became a hit single, "Pergi Tanpa Pesan", a reworking of an Indonesian obscure classic from late 1950's. In three of these films Bembie gusti and Mondo Gascaro along with their compatriot, Aghi Narottama also worked as the music directors.

And now after working their materials for more than a year, they have just realesed their second album entitled "Ports of Lima" (Aksara Records - 2008) to great critical acclaim. The music in this album is relatively denser in texture than their previous release, with a lot more guitars and distortion, and stronger atmospheric sensibilities. Although many themes of the songs came from personal experiences, cinema, also be came their source of inspiration, as indicated by songs like "Essensimo" (Truffaut's 400 Blows), 400 Elegi (Lynch's Elephant Man), Come By Sanjurou (Kurosawa's Sanjurou).

The Band

Ade Firza Paloh – Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet
Awan Garnida Kartadinata – Vocals, Bass
Reza Dwiputranto – Vocals, Electric Guitars
Bemby Gusti – Vocals, Drums


L’alphalpha is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, formed in 2006. The band consists of Herald Reynaldo (vocals,guitars) , Yudishtira Mahendra (Bass, various toys) , Tercitra Winitya (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer) , Ildo Reynardian (Drums,Guitar) , Byatriasa Ega (Vocals,Piano) , Purusha Irma (Violin) The band’s musical influences are varied. Their musical style is link to various genres such as indie rock, indie pop, post-rock, and Shoegazing.

Originally named Alphalpha which they took from a character in “little rascals” (alfalfa), Herald and Yudish formed this group as an acoustic and electric guitar duo to create a semi-ambient storytelling music and sings with whimsical lyrics with the sound from the children toys, and they came up with three demo songs, they had a couple gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. And then they decided to save the songs for the later of their career as a duo.

Yudish and Herald asked Tercitra to take part in their new interest in post-rock music. Yudish was playing the drums. They made three songs after a few Jam. Still using the name alphalpha the trio has played some small gigs in Jakarta,Bandung and Yogyakarta.

In 2008 Yudish and Herald met Ildo in a gig in Bandung, who previously helped them to record their first two demo songs. Ildo decided to join the band as a drummer soon after he came back from Germany a half year later, Yudish moved to play the bass and changed the band’s name into L’alphalpha and became a quartet. They were trying to record and make their first EP, but didn’t make it because of financial problems.

To enrich L’alphalpha’s music Ildo asked two of his high school friends Byatriasa and Irma to join the band in 2009. Because they wanted to make the music more Cinematic and Majestic like the Icelandic music which are their major influences at that time. And soon after they played numerous gigs as a six piece band and gathers wider attention from the people and other bands.

L’alphalpha Began working their debut album in the mid 2010, continuing their unreleased EP at Black Studio, Jakarta. And in February 2011 they self released their debut album entitled “When We Awake , All Dreams Are Gone”. In November 2013, They released their 2nd album, called “ Von Stufe Zu Stufe”. L’Alphalpha endorsed by The North Face.

The Band

Herald Reynaldo – Vocals, Guitar
Byatriasa Ega – Piano, Vocals
Yudishtira Mahendra – Bass, Percussions
Citra Winitya – Synth, Guitar, Bass
Purusha Irma Saraswati – Violin, Synth
Ildo Hasman – Drums, Percussions, Sequencer, Vocals

Leonardo and His Impeccable Six

Leonardo Ringo, is one of the personnel from a Band called Zeke and the Popo. While his band not active for a moment, Leonardo makes some new tunes and becomes a singer songwriter with a rockabilly touch and get a big help from his friends from another band. Then Leonardo makes a Band Project called, Leonardo And His Impeccable Six.

He got many influences from a lot of people that inspiring him, like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Graham Coxon (Blur), Todd Rundgren, Richard Hawley, Jeff Buckley, Lou Reed, Marvin Gaye, Terry Calliers and even from a Rockabily Star, Brian Setzer. That’s makes his performance more attractive.

At 2010, He makes his first album, called The Sun. This album got a lot of help from his Keyboardist, Mr. Dharmo Soedirman as a producer, and also from a golden voice singer, TIKA (from TIKA and the Dissidents), Mian Tiara, Anda and many more. And this Album got a lot of achievement from the local media, such as the Best Album of the year (2010) from Rolling Stone Indonesia, the Best Album of the Year (2010) from Trax Magazine, and become the nomination of Best Folk Group from Indonesian Cutting edge music awards 2010.

Nowadays, Leonardo complete his stage performance with a big help from the brass section (trumpet, baritone sax and trombone).

At 2011, Leonardo performed at some a big festivals such as Java Jazz Festival at Jakarta, Rockin the Region at Esplanade Singapore, and Java Rocking Land at Jakarta. And at 2013, they released their 2nd album called Built to Race. Their wardrobe endorsed by Fred Perry Indonesia.

The Band

Leonardo – Vocals, Electric Guitar
Susan Agiwitanto – Upright Bass
Dharmo Soedirman – Piano
Christo Putra – Drums
Andreas Pardede – Trumpets
Daniel Sukoco – Alto Saxophone
Wahyu Maliki - Trombone


Bangkutaman, which taken from Bahasa Indonesia with the meaning “park bench,” was originally formed by J. Irwin in 1999, Yogyakarta. The band members now are J. Irwin (lead guitar & backing vocal), Wahyu “Acum” Nugroho (lead vocal & bass guitar), and Dedyk Eryanto (drums). Until this very day, the band has been juggling for more than 10 years as indie band, and has encountered few transformations in its musical influences and members. Bangkutaman sounds more like The Velvet Underground, The Rain Parade, The Byrds, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Donovan, The Monkees, The Doors, The Who, and other 60’s – 70’s bands. At the moment, the band is promoting their new album, Ode Buat Kota. Bangkutaman is ready to share their music to the whole world.

The Band

Wahyu Nugroho – Vocals, Harmonica, Bass
J. Irwin – Guitar
Dedyk Eryanto – Drums
Madava - Additional Keyboards

The Experience Brothers

The Experience was formed in November 2001 by Daud and Ibrahim. The name of The Experience was taken from the band of Jimi Hendrix called The Jimi Hendrix's Experience. These two brothers are influenced by the 60's and 70's musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Beach Boys. In 2007 they released the debut album called Summer Of Love. Now they've realesed new album "EYE CONTACT" in January 2011. The Experience Brothers endorsed by Insight

The Band

Ibrahim Saladdin – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Daud Sarassin – Drums, Vocals

The Trees And The Wild

The Trees & The Wild began playing shows around Jakarta’s independent music scene and with their minimalist and radio-friendly songs, the mainstream and record labels began to take notice.

Lil’ Fish Records, a burgeoning independent label owned by electronic musician Agus Sasongko, approached them about releasing their debut album with him after hearing the band’s tracks on it’s MySpace site. The band eventually signed with Lil’ Fish and started recording 10 songs for the album “Rasuk” (“Permeate”).

After the release of their debut album, Hertri Nur Pamungkas joined the group as a drummer in 2010. Soon after, Tyo Prasetya and Charita Utamy joined the group as bassist and vocalist, respectively, completing the line-up.

In 2009, the album “Rasuk” met with great critical acclaim, Junk Online gave the album “2009 Best Albums of South East Asia”, Rolling Stone also gave them “Best Local Album 2009”, and Timeout Jakarta dubbed the album as “Album of The Year 2009”. In 2011, TIME Magazine included them in their article, entitled “5 Bands to Watch in 2011”.

In 2010, the band, collaborating with Swargaloka Creative House and Dimas Wisnuwardono released a short documentary, entitled “Dua Tiang Tujuh Layar about the traditional Phinisi shipcrafting in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

The band started touring Indonesia intensively in Java and Sulawesi around 2009-2011. And in between, they toured the neighboring ASEAN countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, including five performances at The Esplanade’s annual Mosaic Music Festival in 2011 and 2012.

Currently, the band is writing for their second album, with a more Indonesian feel, planning to release it in 2013.

Vincent Moon released a Take Away Show of The Trees & The Wild, it was filmed during his South-East Asian trip last winter

The Band

Remedy Waloni – Vocals, Guitar, Samples
Charita Utamy – Vocals, Keys
Andra Budi Kurniawan – Electric / Acoustic Guitars
Tyo Prasetya – Guitars, Bass
Hertri Nur Pamungkas – Drums


The Band

Arief – Vocals
Marky Nayoan – Vocals, Guitars
Mickey Nayoan – Vocals, Keyboards
Sadam – Vocals, Bass
Fadli Wardhana – Drums, Percussions


Barefood is an alternative pop duo from Jakarta, Indonesia. The group started on 2009 initiated by two high school friend, Rachmad Triyadi and Ditto Pradwito. They have released two physical albums, the first one is free-downloaded Demo that they put on Internet circa 2010. Four years later, during Record Store Day 2014, Anoa Records reissued the Demo on a limited edition cassette tape.

The second one is ‘Sullen’, their 5 tracks debut EP released on September 2013 through Anoa Records. The album was ranked number 11 on RollingStone Indonesia’s list of 20 Indonesia Best Albums in 2013.

On early 2014, they had several gigs across the country including their first South East Asia Tour in Malaysia and Singapore. Recently, they began writing new songs to be up in their first debut album.

The Band

Rachmad Triyadi – Lead Vocals, Bass
Ilham Pradwito – Vocals, Guitar
Muhammad Riduan – Drums 

Marsh Kids

Marsh Kids diawaki oleh S. Pramudita, Drs. F. Achmar, B. Saleh, G. Rahmadeva, M. Fahri dan B. Tobing, enam pria yang datang dari pengalaman musikal yang beragam.

S. Pramudita dengan Tigapagi, B.Saleh, G. Rahmadeva dengan Polka Wars, B. Tobing dengan San Teletone, Drs. F. Achmar dengan Sore dan M.Fahri di Duckdive, akhirnya bertemu dalam satu ruang yang bernama Marsh Kids.

Berlatar belakang ingin menyatukan keberagaman pengalaman batin yang menjadi sebuah keharmonisan ini lah yang menjadikan Marsh Kids tidak bedanya dengan beberapa supergroup dunia yang kita kenal, seperti  Crosby Stills & Nash, Cream, Travelling Wilburys, Broken Social Scene atau Kantata Takwa. 


Grup dengan genre flamboyant rock/tornado pop ini pada 30 September 2014 lalu baru saja merilis album perdananya yang bertajuk The Many Failings Of Bugsy Moonblood, yang berisikan 13 track, terbagi dalam 12 lagu dan 1 intro. Album perdana yang dirilis melalui Helat Tubruk dan didistribusikan oleh Demajors ini menawarkan gado-gado yang harmonis antara berbagai macam struktur dan keberagaman elemen musik. Dari folk, pop, jazz, soft rock, dan lain sebagainya. Hal ini dilatar belakangi dari kayanya referensi tiap-tiap personilnya. 

The Band

Sigit Pramudita – Vocals, Guitar
Firza Achmar Paloh – Vocals, Guitar
Billy Auliya Saleh – Vocals, Guitar
Binsar Tobing – Bass
Muhammad Fahri – Keyboards and Synths
Giovanni Rahmadeva – Drums

Sajama Cut

"Marcel and co. menulis album seolah besok bubar dan tak pernah ada lagi waktu masuk studio." - Herry "Ucok Homicide" Sutresna

"Meski kini musiknya dipertebal dan lebih terpoles, atmosfer samar-samar mereka yang sangat khas itu tetap tidak hilang. Kematangan Sajama Cut justru teruji dengan tidak tergelincir menjadi yang sepenuhnya bukan mereka, di saat peluang-peluang itu ada dan berlipat ganda hari-hari ini."- Budi Warsito, Kineruku

"Marcel Thee & co. tidak pernah jera membuat komposisi musik yang indah dan di luar nalar band-band sejenis. Kompleks dan misterius, namun tetap nyaman di telinga. Pada bagian yang paling sederhana pun masih terdengar epik dan punya nilai seni." - Samack, solidrock

"After a long while, Sajama Cut is a fully-functioning proper band and they write the kind of genre-busting music that only small number of musicians, if any, could execute." - Taufiqrahman, Elevation Records

“Musik bagi mereka yang sudah dewasa” - Eric Wiryanata, Deathrockstar

The Band

Marcel Thee
Dion Panlima Reza
Hans Citra Patria
Randy Apriza Akbar


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